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Dog Policy

We have all seen the adorable dogs out for a paddle with their human.  Most likely, if this is your first time stand-up paddle boarding, your dog has not been on one either.  Like you, dogs need to practice on a board before they get the hang of it.  As you can imagine, you and your dog paddling together for the first time can be disastrous, therefore we do not allow dogs.

Sunscreen Tip

To avoid missing areas on your body with sunscreen, try putting on the sunscreen before you get dressed.  You will get better coverage and your hands wont be greasy allowing a better grip on your paddle.  Don’t forget your feet and ears!

SUP 4 Years and going strong!

We are proud to say we have been teaching SUP for over 4 years now and have taught over 2000 people of all ages how to Stand-up Paddle! Our goal is to get you up and paddling in your very first lesson. It looks easier than it is and we believe our tutorial gets you paddling safely and faster. Many SUP rental facilities simply take your payment and send you out to figure it out on your own. We take the time to get you acquainted with the gear and how to use it properly. We provide you with information about the environment to give you the best SUP experience. It’s worth it. We look forward to teaching you how to SUP.

SUP Beginner

Steve the Manatee

Steve the manatee loves SUP!

Weather for SUP

One of the biggest issues, weatherwise, for SUP is WIND.  We monitor the wind very carefully for your safety, and to ensure you have a nice SUP experience.  If it is blowing more than 10 mph, you simply cannot paddle against it, (unless you are an expert).  We really do not want you to end up in Mexico.  You can check out the wind conditions under my “links” tab.

SUP Lesson Spot

The Favorite SUP Spot

The favorite place to SUP

SUP Sealife Encounter

Barefoot Paddler SUP Horseshoe crabs